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Granite Tales – Myths, Urban Legends, and Fabrications (Of the Other Kind)

The following bits of commercial granite folklore have been taken directly from customer comments and questions, pieces circulating on the web, and discussions with hundreds of homeowners who graced me with the opportunity to service their commercial granite. Just for fun, I’ll give you a little background on each, where they came from, and how they got started. In case you haven’t heard some of these before, you’ll be prepared when they eventually make their way ’round to you!

Please note I use the term “commercial granite” throughout this article. This is because we are referring to stones that are sold commercially as granite, rather than the (very) narrow subset of stones that meet the scientific definition.

1.) My Contractor / Granite Salesperson / Internet Guru (Pick Your Favorite Perpetrator) Said My Granite Doesn’t Require Sealing – Those of you that have read my previous work are probably sick of me harping on this, but I (unfortunately) hear this one more often than all others. It is the most damaging of all the granite maintenance malpractices you can commit if you rely on this unsound advice.

Interestingly, there are a couple of Internet “experts” who semi-endorse this fallacy (but will sell you their impregnator if you ABSOLUTELY, REALLY insist on having one, and theirs lasts FOREVER… Hilarious!). One even goes so far as to state that the physical properties of granite dictate it never needs to be sealed (funny, they also have a “lifetime” sealer for sale two paragraphs later).

I was in recently in Los Angeles, visiting a property manager who had stains in approximately 1/3 of the 305 commercial granite counters they recently installed in their newly renovated luxury apartments. I wish I could have brought the naysayers with me so they could convince the distraught maintenance folks that those oil and wine stains were only figments of their imagination…

From the contractor perspective, back in the bad old days, impregnators were primarily based on silicone derivatives. While fantastic against water, they were (and are) poor performers against oil-based stains. Additionally, if they were over-applied, the impregnator residues on the surface of the stone would also absorb oil. Double whammy. Here’s the logic: If it’s a given that oil stains are the worst to remove, and if the impregnator won’t stop them anyway, why bother? That was in the late ’80s – this is 2007, and we have technology that will stop oil staining dead in its tracks. Like all misinformation, it has a little root in fact, and it dies slowly.

The Internet folks have different motivations. Either they are:

A: trying to sell you granite slabs by disavowing any faults commercial granite has, or

B: using reverse psychology sales techniques (poorly, I might add) to sell you their impregnator.

2.) My Neighbor Told Me My Granite Isn’t Safe Because it Harbors and Grows High Amounts of Bacteria – This one is still circulating even though it has been proven false numerous times by both government and industry organizations. Please allow me the opportunity to set the record straight on this one, once and for all – it is absolute rubbish. In fact, properly maintained commercial granite surfaces are some of the most sanitary you can buy. Like all other food prep surfaces, commercial granite should be properly cleaned.

It is widely held that the manufacturers of man-made counter top materials started these rumors, although no solid proof exists. In summary, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has given commercial granite a clean bill of health, as has the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

3.) Someone Told Me My Granite Emits Radon Gas and is Radioactive – A little bent science goes a long way… Minuscule amounts of radon gas are emitted by nearly any type of stone found where uranium is present, and trace amounts of uranium can be found nearly anyplace you find stone. Bottom line? There are no health or safety risks associated with the release of radon gas or radioactivity from commercial granite.

As a matter of note, concrete, cement, and gypsum all release as much or more radon gas than commercial granite, and there is no health risk associated with them, either. It is also believed that a manufacturer of man-made counter top materials started this rumor.

4.) I Was Told to Clean My Granite With Just Soap and Water – This one has a couple of variants floating around, including specifically using dish detergent (and a special brand, I might add) or plain water. Will doing this harm your commercial granite? No, it won’t. Will it impact the way it looks? Yes, it will.

If you were to wash your windows with plain “soap and water” (or dish detergent, or plain water) and a sponge, I guarantee that you will not be pleased with their appearance.

With this in mind, it is best to perform routine cleaning of your commercial granite with a product that is specifically designed for use on natural stone. Using soap, dishwashing detergent, or non stone-specific cleaners will leave your commercial granite looking dull and lifeless.

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For Quality Stone Houses, Hire Builders

Services of builders are quite useful for any owner of a house who’s planning essential construction, upkeep, or indoors layout task. Especially in new production and upkeep initiatives, it’s miles critical to broaden a good working dating with specialists on the way to acquire a mission that fulfills your expectations. Be ready to speak about with the agency you hire your plans throughout the planning and layout degrees of your mission, so that you can also hear their perspectives and what advice they have to provide regarding your selections. It is also essential to remember the fact that your builder of choice will spend some time with you throughout your undertaking, and so that they should be a supply of energy and now not strain.

The following are a few elements you should keep in mind when you sample distinctive builders on your assignment:

• Personality: an critical aspect to look for is the persona of the builder you lease. Home renovations or buildings are regularly worrying moments to many human beings with budgets on materials, components, and service expenses to fulfill. Your favored builder have to be a pleasant individual, capable of advise you professionally on the way to pass about your task.

• Company: the layout builder you pick out ought to be up to the venture and capable of provide you fine service. Reliable carrier vendors regularly come from set up organizations, that are certified, insured, and capable of defend their people.

• Affordability: This is at the coronary heart of any creation mission. As a patron, you may need to recognise how much you may pay for the entire venture. It is consequently crucial to work with a contractor that offers low-priced estimates with the whole lot written down. This is the perfect manner to avoid any rising costs after you have got closed the deal.

In the building enterprise, masons have used herbal stone and associated products for a long time. Although many constructing substances exist, it is frequently not unusual to see many buildings done in stone as compared to other constructing materials, which suggests how an awful lot faith builders have on the entire thickness stone. As a constructing product, full thickness stone exhibits many homes, which make it a favorite of many developers. This constructing product has many blessings over different materials, as proven within the following examples:

• Durability: the whole thickness stone is one of the maximum long lasting constructing substances. Used as thin stone veneers or thick ones, this cloth has the ability to create a structure, which is powerful and durable. This is one advantage at the part of homeowners or assets owners as sturdiness implies long financial value. If your house is purely for resale, many clients might need a property built of stone compared to other substances. This implies your house can entice greater shoppers.

• Aesthetic price: full thickness stone veneers paintings in a wide range of decorative approaches to create a beautiful outside outlook. The fact that it could be glazed in extraordinary colours just provides to the gain.

• The material is effortlessly on hand. Based on its life on certainly present rock products, the total thickness stones are available from quarries where huge rock deposits exist.

For your subsequent belongings, whether residential or business, consider builders and their knowledge in full thickness stone.

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Knowing The Walls Around You: Masonry Walls and Exterior Stone Facades

Most of us take the walls around us for granted. We might notice a stunning polished concrete floor or a dynamic vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, but we usually don’t give the walls between the two a second thought. Of course if we step outside, we’re bound to notice a beautiful exterior stone facade, but what we see is only part of the story. Let’s take an up close look at the walls around us.

There are two types of Masonry walls; solid and hollow. The wall type is chosen for issues relating to strength, cost, energy conservation, and climate. An exterior façade is attached to a masonry wall.

A Solid masonry wall is made up of masonry units laid tightly together with every joint bonded with mortar. They can be either load or non-load bearing and constructed from a variety of construction materials. Brick and concrete brick are commonly used as well as hollow units, concrete blocks, and structural clay tile. Composite brick with header blocks can also be used.

Hollow Masonry Walls are also known as cavity walls because they are built in such a way so a continuous internal air space exists. They can be built with Solid or hollow masonry units, it’s the arrangement of the blocks that creates the air passage. Hollow masonry walls offer two major advantages. They act as a barrier to moisture and provide natural insulation with air or can be filled with insulation material. Of course the hollow spaces must remain empty during construction, so care must be taken to keep mortal out of the spaces.

The choice of masonry walls are based on various conditions. Hollow masonry bounded walls are a smart economical choice for exterior load-bearing walls but are not recommended for high moisture climates. Since ‘curb appeal’ is a major selling point for many buyers, stone and brick facades are often included in the original design or added later.

An exterior façade is similar in one way to paint or wallpaper you apply to interior walls. The bricks, tiles, or stone does not hold up the roof, but it dresses up the house. Since these materials are more expensive and may not provide the strength or benefits of their less expensive counterparts, a stone façade is often the best choice. It can also transform an older house by adding a fresh, upscale face, giving it a new and exciting appearance.

If you are adding a stone veneer to an existing property, try to find a look that blends nearby property. Stone masons are experts in exterior facades and will recommend treatments that work best with the walls behind the stone.

A stone veneer usually outlasts almost all types of siding and creates a sophisticated, expensive look. They are also low maintenance, you won’t need to paint. Stone exterior facades are listed by many real estate experts as one of the best home improvement investments when preparing your home for resale. Take a look at home remodeling magazines or ask your stone mason for design ideas.

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Granite Hocus Pocus

I’ve always been annoyed by all the misleading information and myths that pick on a specific subject and just sticks to it to the extent that you hear it everywhere when that subject is brought up. Starting from the most famous myth that says a goldfish has a 3-second memory, bats are blind and all the way to the greatest myth of all (which some people still believe is true) that says tomatoes are vegetables. Even though these myths have all been shot full of holes. Since it is now clear that a goldfish has quite a decent memory to even be trained in response to different sensory cues whereas, bats can pretty much see better than us at night, only not in colour. Even the tomatoes are in no way vegetables unless you wished not to pay taxes when you buy yourself some (in 1883 they were classified as vegetables in order to make them taxable under the Tariff Act).

Unfortunately, this kind of misleading and false information always spread with a speed faster than the speed of light! Even basic topics like granite properties did not survive the incorrect information attitude. I have no idea why some people decide to claim false information about the properties of granite while some others decide that they should believe it, share it and spread it everywhere without even inspecting if they were correct. However, if you have been one of the victims who were told a specific granite property, thus decided upon the information not to get yourself a granite worktop, you are reading just the right article. In this article, I have collected all the granite myths and their correction for you to check on granite’s both pros and cons then decide whether to have a granite top or not.

Granite myths

1) Granite worktops are absorbent.

How much are plastic surfaces absorbent? Well, granite work tops are less absorbent than plastic. On the contrary, granite is known for its impenetrable to water property, thus, very safe to have granite around water works.

2) Granite worktops lose their shine and polish over the years

Try scratching granite and you will figure out the answer yourself. Since granite is not easily scratched, it does not lose its shine or polish even after years of heavy use. In fact, this is true concerning marble worktops and that is why we do not suggest marble in worktops.

3) Granite is affected by heat.

Granite is actually formed from the eruption of volcanoes, does that sound like they can be affected by little heat? Absolutely hoax. Granite worktops are heat resistant and the only thing you should take care of when putting a hot pot out of the oven on your worktop, is make sure you do not touch that same granite spot and burn your hand.

4) Granite can be stained permanently.

Since granite is a stone and we mentioned that it is impermeable, claiming that a granite worktop can be stained permanently pretty much does not make sense. Although you can spot wine and oil stains on your granite worktop, it can easily be removed using a granite special paste/cleaner that draws out the oil.

These are only a few of the granite myths that have spread over the years and probably caused some people to fear of installing a granite worktop. Yet, I advise that if you ever had a question concerning granite, ask the experts in our company and I am sure they will have a lot of useful information to tell you. Don’t forget to follow our next blog to know the rest of the granite myths.

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Useful Tips For Choosing Natural Stone Products

Stone products were broadly used for domestic décor in current years. Unique veins and exquisite color of natural stone provide many creative elements for home designers. More and extra human beings are using natural stone products to enhance their residence. But many human beings do no longer realize how to pick stone products that in shape and they do now not recognize the way to do everyday upkeep after they may be established. Actually, there are loads stuff you need to understand about natural stone choice, installation and ordinary protection.

How do you already know the stone is ideal or now not?
The best of uncooked material and fabrication workmanship decide the quality of herbal stone products. Stone is a natural cloth. The coloration of the uncooked material can not be changed even after they’re polished. So, the colour of floor is a totally essential preferred to choose the quality of a stone product. The surface of appropriate great stone merchandise shall be in uniform color and little color variant. The inferior stone merchandise cannot cowl this “disorder” even after they may be restore and re-polished. The different issue that have an impact on the nice of stone merchandise is fabrication workmanship. If the stone isn’t fabricated nicely, the stone products can be warping, concave or have spot, dust, coloration version, crackle. So fabrication workmanship is essential for suitable stone products.

Choose the proper stones
When using stone to decorate your own home, do not use darkish coloration stone for floors and wall cladding in order to make your private home a dark feeling. Use light colour and shiny stone for floors and cladding giving humans a heat and non violent feeling and also make your home appearance more spacious.

There are many styles of stone in the market consisting of granite, marble, sandstone, travertine and so on. We had better choose those tough, wear-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant stones inclusive of granite and marble. In terms of fee, light colour granite in all fairness low rate and is a best preference for home décor. It could be very to discover a substitute in the market while it desires repair and update. When come to size, we recommend to use thin granite tiles (10~15mm) for flooring. But it relies upon in your ground intensity and cargo bearing.

Color for tables
Nowadays, stone furniture, inclusive of stone tables or table tops, emerge as increasingly popular for home décor. When deciding on a stone desk and desk tops, we had higher pick the dark coloration stones, like black, blue, inexperienced, or pink granite or marble. The marbles which have massive veins are perfect preference for table. We had higher pick granite for thick kitchen (25mm) countertops and worktops due to the fact granite can be long lasting in use in the acid and alkali environment of kitchen.

Installation and maintenance
Because stone is a herbal product, the veins and shade are distinct from one tile to the opposite. Before installation, we need to place all tiles at the floor and then circulate the tiles round to make the overall veins and color appeared harmonious and clean. When the whole appears true, then we need to mark the position of each tile. Please be aware do no longer write at once on the tiles in case the paint receives into the stone. You can write it down on a paper tag and paste it on every tile.

Before we set up the stone, we must mix water and cement and paste them at the ground, after which placed concrete onto them as a base. We need to flatten the concrete earlier than pave the stone. After the stone is paved on floor, we should level the stone with a stage meter. This may be very critical because if it is not degree it might motive plenty hassle in destiny. Tips: the thickness of concrete had better now not exceed 20mm; do not walk at the floor and allow it alone for 8 hours; a few stones have grid at the returned, we have to cast off them before installation.

When the installation is finished, we had higher coat some white wax on the floor of the stone. Do ordinary maintenance each two weeks is sufficient. We will offer particular protection pointers later or you could go to our internet site for extra statistics.

Price for stone:
The rate for herbal stone tiles range from $1 in step with square toes to $15 in line with square feet. As cited above, the light shade granites have the lowest price and the dark coloration granite and some marbles that have unique veins have higher charge.

The stone fee isn’t like united states to u . S . A .. In some stone import nations, just like the USA, the stone charge is a good deal better than stone export u . S . A . Consisting of China and India.

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A Durable, Quality Stone That Withstands the Test of Time – Chilton Stone

Chilton stone has been used for many different projects throughout the years. It is not uncommon to see various types of structures, landscaping gates, and similar items created with this type of stone. Individuals who want quality and durability often seek out this type of stone for their construction endeavors. If you are interested in constructing something new that you need to be structurally sound, this stone may be your best choice when it comes to the stone work involved. Here, you will learn a little bit about this type of stone.

What is Chilton Stone Widely Used For?

This type of stone is used for a variety of projects. You may find it included as part of the construction for an indoor and/or outdoor fireplace hearth. Many individuals may line their gardens with small stone fences that have this stone as the main component. Many will create decorative fixtures to line the home, swimming pools, and even small ponds using this type of stone. Then, there are many who will use this stone to line the exterior of their home. There are many landscape and home usages when it comes to this type of stone as well.

The Benefits of This Long-Lasting Stone

There are a number of benefits associated with Chilton stone. These benefits are part of the reason that so many people find this stone to be so appealing. The major benefits of this stone include:

o The stone is considered to be quite durable when it comes to environmental conditions. It has also proven to remain strong after an extended amount of time.

o Seeing that this stone is not manufactured, it can be found in a wide range of unique colors, shapes, and textures.

o Though Chilton stone is considered to be a high quality stone, it is relatively inexpensive.

Where You Can Find Chilton Stone

This type of stone can be found in a number of locations throughout the world. However, if you are looking to obtain this stone quickly and with ease, it is best to identify a retailer that specializes in it.

One of the best retailers that I have found that carries the widest variety of Chilton stone products is Halquist Stone. Not only do they offer the stone that you need for virtually every single project you pursue, they are also experts when it comes to general construction of Chilton stone. If this is what you are searching for, this is the place to get it!