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Granite Hocus Pocus

I’ve always been annoyed by all the misleading information and myths that pick on a specific subject and just sticks to it to the extent that you hear it everywhere when that subject is brought up. Starting from the most famous myth that says a goldfish has a 3-second memory, bats are blind and all the way to the greatest myth of all (which some people still believe is true) that says tomatoes are vegetables. Even though these myths have all been shot full of holes. Since it is now clear that a goldfish has quite a decent memory to even be trained in response to different sensory cues whereas, bats can pretty much see better than us at night, only not in colour. Even the tomatoes are in no way vegetables unless you wished not to pay taxes when you buy yourself some (in 1883 they were classified as vegetables in order to make them taxable under the Tariff Act).

Unfortunately, this kind of misleading and false information always spread with a speed faster than the speed of light! Even basic topics like granite properties did not survive the incorrect information attitude. I have no idea why some people decide to claim false information about the properties of granite while some others decide that they should believe it, share it and spread it everywhere without even inspecting if they were correct. However, if you have been one of the victims who were told a specific granite property, thus decided upon the information not to get yourself a granite worktop, you are reading just the right article. In this article, I have collected all the granite myths and their correction for you to check on granite’s both pros and cons then decide whether to have a granite top or not.

Granite myths

1) Granite worktops are absorbent.

How much are plastic surfaces absorbent? Well, granite work tops are less absorbent than plastic. On the contrary, granite is known for its impenetrable to water property, thus, very safe to have granite around water works.

2) Granite worktops lose their shine and polish over the years

Try scratching granite and you will figure out the answer yourself. Since granite is not easily scratched, it does not lose its shine or polish even after years of heavy use. In fact, this is true concerning marble worktops and that is why we do not suggest marble in worktops.

3) Granite is affected by heat.

Granite is actually formed from the eruption of volcanoes, does that sound like they can be affected by little heat? Absolutely hoax. Granite worktops are heat resistant and the only thing you should take care of when putting a hot pot out of the oven on your worktop, is make sure you do not touch that same granite spot and burn your hand.

4) Granite can be stained permanently.

Since granite is a stone and we mentioned that it is impermeable, claiming that a granite worktop can be stained permanently pretty much does not make sense. Although you can spot wine and oil stains on your granite worktop, it can easily be removed using a granite special paste/cleaner that draws out the oil.

These are only a few of the granite myths that have spread over the years and probably caused some people to fear of installing a granite worktop. Yet, I advise that if you ever had a question concerning granite, ask the experts in our company and I am sure they will have a lot of useful information to tell you. Don’t forget to follow our next blog to know the rest of the granite myths.

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