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How to Clean Natural Stone Cladding

Stone veneer is also known as cultured stone and it is often used to create a decorative look in and outside of buildings. It is made by using stone that comes from quarries to create a natural look. Whatever it is used for, it will need to be cleaned sometimes to ensure that the veneer does not get damaged.

You will need to use a hose and a bucket of water to clean stone that is situated outside. Use a soft bristled brush to clean the surface with before you rinse it off well with fresh, clean water.

If the stone that you need to clean is inside a building, you will need some mild soap and a bucket of water. Use a cloth to wash the stone surface and rinse it immediately after washing it. Any product that contains acid should not be used.

How to Care for Stone Cladding

Even though stone cladding adds value and beauty to your home or office, it can still be extremely difficult to maintain. If you look after the cladding, it will look as good as new for years to come.

Not all types of cladding require you to seal it, but if you are living in a coastal area, you should seal the cladding directly after installation. This is mainly to protect the veneer against the elements and sea air, which will cause discolouration over time.

If you plan on using stone cladding in areas where there will be a lot of water exposure, you will also need to make sure that it is sealed. Places like rock pools, water features and around the pool are examples of high water exposure areas.

Looking after veneers that are indoors is much easier. All you need to do is use a mild cleaner and water, but make sure that the cleaner does not contain any traces of acid. Acid based detergents will cause the veneer to become discoloured and damaged. Use a soft cloth with minimal water to wipe of the stone veneer. A feather duster will also do a good job of getting rid of the dirt on the cladding inside buildings.

Keeping exterior stone veneers clean requires you to use slightly more elbow grease. If you use a soft brush to get rid of the excess dirt on a regular basis, you will not have any problem keeping your outdoor cladding looking amazing.

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